Heather's Herps is run by myself, Heather Wong. I have always loved animals of all kinds since I was a child, and this passion began a small rescue. I have worked with and rescued dogs, cats, hamsters, hedgehogs, guinea pigs, rats, mice, and even fish.

Fauna Classifieds Good Guy #0181

I began getting into reptiles when I was given several Bearded Dragons. Beardies were fun, but they did not spark within me the fascination that my first Ball Python did.

"Unagi" (Yes, I do love Sushi) was given to me as an unsexed, unnamed adult snake by a friend who did not want to deal with it anymore. I was glad to take it in, and took it to my friends at the local pet store to have it sexed. After it was probed, it was confirmed that "she" was actually a she. I was then told of the Ball Python genetics and how there were many different colorations and patterns, or Morphs, available.

I was fascinated by this, since I have studied genetics extensively in college. I wanted to learn more, and by way of researching and talking to several breeders, I decided to invest in Ball Pythons. The rest is history.